Group Risk Committee

The Group Risk Committee is responsible for monitoring the process of risk identification and management, with the aim of assisting the Board of Directors in the strategy, management and monitoring of the risks to which the bank is exposed. The Group Risk Committee meets at least 4 times a year and whenever it deems necessary at the Chairman's invitation.

Permanent Members:

Mr. Abdelmjid TAZLAOUI Mr. Lionel ZINSOU Mr. José REIG Mr. Aymane TAUD
Mr. Lionel ZINSOU: President of the Committee (Independant Director) Mr. Aymane TAUD: Director Mr. José REIG: Director Mr. Abdelmjid TAZLAOUI: Director

Guest Members:

  • Mr. Choukri OIMDINA: Managing Director – Group Global Risk Management
  • Mr Mohamed Amine GUENNOUNI : Executive Director - Group General Audit
  • Mr. Larbi KABLY : Executive director - Group Compliance
Legend Chair Member