Strategic Committee

Chaired by the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, this committee is in charge of operational results and strategic projects of the Group. This committee meets at least 7 times a year and whenever it deems necessary upon convocation by the President.

Permanent Members:

Mr. Mohamed EL KETTANI Mr. Hassan OURIAGLI Mr. Abdelmjid TAZLAOUI Mr. José REIG Mr. Aymane TAUD Mr. Azdine El Mountassir Billah Mr. Soulaymane KACHANI
Mr. Mohamed EL KETTANI: Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Attijariwafa bank Mr. Hassan OURIAGLI: Director, Representing AL MADA Mr. Abdelmjid TAZLAOUI: Director Mr. José REIG: Director Mr. Aymane TAUD: Director Mr. Azdine El Mountassir Billah: Director Mr. Soulaymane KACHANI: Independant Director

Guest Members :

  • Mr. Hassan BERTAL: Managing Director - Morocco and Europe Retail Banking Division
  • Mr. Ismaïl DOUIRI: Managing Director - International Retail Banking and Specialized Financial Subsidiaries
  • Mr. Choukri OIMDINA: Managing Director – Group Global Risk Management
  • Mr. Hassan EL BEDRAOUI: Managing Director – Transformation, Innovation, Technologies and Operations
  • Mr. Youssef ROUISSI: Managing Director- Corporate Banking, Markets & Investor Solutions
Legend Chair Member