The organization of Attijariwafa bank aims to place the customer at the group's central concern, with a view to cross-selling, and providing service that meets the highest standards, with technology at the forefront of innovation.

Its operation is based on four "business units" autonomous and with its own resources, which are the main activities of the group. 
It adheres to three principles: strengthening the management and culture of performance, accountability and increase the level of delegation and finally professionalize the execution by improving the procedures for managing and monitoring tools.

Balanced and objective distribution of powers

The governance system in place complies with the general principles of corporate governance. Thus, the Board of Directors has adopted rules of procedure and a director's charter. Meanwhile, five management control bodies, from the board of directors have been established: a strategic committee, group risk committee, group audit committee, governance, appointment and remuneration committee and High Credits Committee.

The Attijariwafa bank governance system has also established the principle of collegiate decisions in the management of the group:

  • a General Management committee
  • an Executive Committee directs the bank on operational, organizational and administrative
  • specialized committees chaired by the CEO or a member of senior management in addition to the governance bodies and complete the system.

(*) 3 sub-committees issued from Governance, Appointment and Remuneration Commiittee with different compositions depending on the prerogatives of each sub-committee